Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't You Wish It Was Recess

Nothing much has changed since the playground at recess.  If you got to be the captain, you got to pick who you wanted on your team.  You never worried about someone saying they didn't want to play because that would be just ridiculous.  You also didn't pick players based on any other criteria except to have the winning team.  If you did you would lose the game, and no one wants to be a loser.  Well some kids did and tried to pick using friendships or in order not to hurt anyones feelings, I think they all ended up being social workers, or something to that accord, who never help anyone and just keep avoiding the problems by shuffling the problems around.  Guess what, those kids never get elected to be a captain ever again.  Anyways I digress back to the point which is we need to play the game to win.  For those of you that feel bad for the ones who don't get pick till last, just think of the motivation they now have to get better.  The American workforce and business owners have a rude awakening coming there way in the upcoming  years with globalization.  Their current entitlement attitude is going to get them no where in this new economy of the 21st century.  In order for anyone to get more then they already have or attract the right people to their business or organization they must first become more then they want to attract.

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