Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Better Do That Before.......

I have often mentioned to friends and acquaintances of a mini-retirement plans of sailing around the world. Their response is always, “You better do that before you have kids!!” Of coarse at this point I ask my favorite question which is, “That an interesting perspective, what made you come to that conclusion?” I am sure you can only imagine the responses I get from people who are stuck in the Rat Race of life. Here are a few that make me laugh…..
Responses like:
1) You can’t just take your kids out of school!!
Haha – I think they will learn more w/ me on a boat sailing the world
2) Your kids will rebel because U R taking them away from their friends
Haha – They will make new friends & learn new languages & customs
3) You can’t just up and leave, they are playing _______
Haha – Oh yes I can watch me & send me an email on what I missed… oh yeah they will be playing __________ in Italy.
Who knows, you may find that you don’t need to be face to face as much as you think for you business to grow. It might just so happen that you meet clients or future partners who need your services on your vacations or mini-retirements. Interesting para-dime to try to escape work for work sake and end up getting more business through your global living lifestyle. The more you control where, when, and what you do for monetary compensation the more freedom you will find.
We all can’t wait to hear how the first one goes for you, but I do have a bit of a challenge for you and that is attempt to do one in the summer and one in the winter as well for the same period of time. This will force you to push your comfort zone a little more & it will force the family to become independent of the “school schedule” families are forced on. Look at it this way a month or two of home study where you as a successful business consultant in a foreign land are educating your own children & educating each other through experience, is much better then your kids learning below average lessons from below average achievers in their local schools (side note to any “haters” both my parents are retired teaches & they support this aforementioned comment).
We should be teaching our kids these automation systems from the beginning, so they can be free from the Rat Race Lifestyle.  All of the schooling systems around the world are teaching them to become worker bees in the collective. Think of the lessons you could pass on to them that you have learned that will be paramount in their development as a free thinker. Think of how different their lives will be because you took the time to teach them what traditional school won’t. That is how to be & live FREE!!