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Since 2001 Bugatti has been partnered with Parmigiani to create some amazing time pieces. In fact there are more Bugatti watches then models in the automakers entire lineup throughout history.

The last Bugatti and Parmigiani piece we will cover for a little while, the Atalante fly-back chronograph, is yet one more watch that takes its inspiration from the famous Bugatti Atlante 57S Sport. It would be a mistake though to think that it is anything like other pieces that come from the same origin. It has an entirely original aesthetic that is a first for Parmigiani. The 43mm rounded case is the only concession to tradition.

First of all, what’s so special about a chronograph and why you’re going to see it in this article repeatedly?

Chronographs are said to be so accurate that (if it were possible to power them long enough) you could set them, time capsule them for decades or even centuries and they would still be 99.9% accurate when the lucky future recipient decided to wear it.

The Atalante’s case profile, dial and chronograph push-pieces which are located left of the case, are completely original. You would probably miss the satin finish on its case created where the case-back and bezel meet, inspired by the 57S Sports air intakes.

The left of center location of the chronograph push-pieces give the ability to easily start timing. Once the chronograph hand is in motion, another press will reset it instantly to zero and restarts the chronograph immediately. In addition to a 30 minute counter, two separate tachymetric displays can be used to time slower events (on the 30 minute counter) and high speed events (displayed on the bezel). This is a feature unique to the first-ever in-house PF 335 Chronograph movement.

Add a dial directly inspired by the design of the Bugatti’s radiator grille and the EB acronym at 6 o’clock and there is no mistaking the official alliance that brings these two juggernauts of priceless precision and performance. The dial also delivers the bonus of being able to view the inner workings of the piece as well as the date disk.

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