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Beverly Hills Mansion
Everyone loves a beautiful home, a large home with expensive furniture, one with a breath taking view, and off course one with options. Money can buy you all of these things but if you are tired of the same old design that just looks expensive and boring, then you will enjoy our next home. 10,000 square feet of pure modern luxury. Custom built and available for $10 million right in the heart of Beverly Hills. This estate has the most unbelievable design I have ever seen. It features 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 30ft ceilings, a fantastic view from 270 degrees and a pool

Another month, another masterpiece. This month’s luxury real estate is located in Los Angeles, California and makes no excuses for its amazing views and contemporary designs. Built in 2008 as a collaboration between McClean Design and Corr Contemporary Homes, this mansion dominates the California scene with its 7,000 sq feet of originality. It challenges personal perception as it both surprises and delights the mind with a combination of sleek, contemporary finishes and furnishings, spacious, luxurious rooms, a deluge of color and a beautiful view of the world below.

The extravagance begins with the interior. The aforementioned birds eye view of California’s stunning Sunset Strip; the lavish pool and pool-side fire to relax; the small and simple yet luxurious garden and the wonderful outdoor furniture. All of these aspects ensure that the clients of this home are delighted with this purchase.

A magnificent piece of architecture, McClean Design have covered all possible avenues of lavishness and left little to the imagination with this excellent, luxurious residence.

Sure you could buy an amazing $20 million dollar house and spend all your money up-keeping your property and paying a staff to cater to your every need but you would be wasting a lot of money if you lived in it less than 6 months a year. The alternative is Casa Kimball, a private retreat for rent right in the Caribbean. This villa was designed with the highest standards of design by the Rangr Studio architectural firm and leaves you with nothing less than the most breath taking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Pricing isn’t set and fully negotiable based on your stay but we are told by sources that you are looking at $8000 per day at the very least and that some of its occupants have been known to stay over a month at a time. Keep reading to see why this simplistic yet magnificent piece of real estate is worth its admission price.

It isn’t often that we cover a home outside the US but after you see this particular property, the location will simply be irrelevant. This property currently for sale is the perfect example that bigger is not always better and that perhaps location outdoes size. The quality found in the details is where this amazing estate differentiates itself from other homes we’ve featured in the past. From the structural aspect to the flooring and furniture, the home has been created by T.C.L Homes to simply flow well and create a level of peace and luxury never seen before.

This magnificent full concrete contemporary family home spans 5,000 sq ft on 1.5 acre block and boasts 4 generous bedrooms, each with its own private en-suite contemporary bathroom.

At dusk, this stunning property by T.C.L Homes strategically placed lighting that illuminates an inspirational design. The home’s unique structure and location allows it to offer spectacular views from walls made of glass enhancing the open floor plan experience. The staircase and the pristine limestone floors throughout the entire first level of this glorious home help create that stunning experience we all seek when waking up. At night, lighting transforms this space.

The kitchen is finished to the highest standards and for once appeals to us, using state of the art materials and dark colors contrasted with elements like marble and chrome giving it a luxurious and high tech feel.

The Man Cave in Full Effect!!

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