Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Has Facebook Had it Day in the Sun?

So I found this old blog draft that I never posted back in 2011:

It's so funny because many of the people that work at these firms have very sort memories.  Mark Zuckerberg himself never thought anyone could ever compete with MySpace.  Everything has a cycle, except for Apple because that is a CULT (j/k... actually not really.... its a cult).  You would think that Sean Parker would have remembered his rise and fall as well with Napster.  Personally I think that it will go public and these founders if they are smart will be selling shares as fast as they can to get out an onto their next project.  The public will buy up these shares of a company that has no real profits to speak of (unless it becomes over run with adds but then everyone will leave anyway) and is extremely fickle client base could be off in a second so some new network.

Remember the new intelligence is what can you learn then Unlearn and then relearn something new.  10 year cycles and they are getting shorter.

Wow I guess I saw that coming.  I mean all Facebook is a place where everyone can blab to the world about all your opinions, and your kinda force fed it on your news stream by your "friends". The people blabbing think everyone in the world cares and all the readers are just trying to see if they are as cool as they think they are compared to everyone else.   I mean I do it to, it's kinda addicting, I even have a blog.  I must be super self absorbed thinking that anyone or everyone will want to know what I think about curtain things.   Actually quite the opposite. I try to depict my life in social media to attract like minded people and detour others. I mean just look at the last two blog post and you will see some people having an attraction or a strong dislike for the experience that is me. 

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