Friday, April 29, 2011

Living in Fantasy Land

Once again I am fascinated with what the majority of people put their priorities on in life.  Lets take Twitter for example.  Right now the trending topics are a #RoyalWedding, the #NFLdraft, and something in regards to NASA's second to last mission.  As I type this Twitter is actually down because of all the activity.  With everything that goes on in the world everyday and all the new information that is gathered each day isn't it fantasizing that this is what the majority of people with a computer or a smart phone find a need to talk about or give an opinion on.

I see people get so excited to cheer on someone they don't even know, yet most are letting the game of life pass them by as they sit in the stands and watch others play.  Today I offered to help someone with their stalled business.  Funny thing is they where to tired from watching the #RoyalWedding to made any effort today to improve their own situation.  Lets take a minute to really think about this for a second.  I don't like being the bearer of bad news but most, if not all of you reading this where not invited to that wedding because the people getting married don't know you, don't care about you, and actually profit from your interest in them.  Maybe its time to reconsider our priorities and instead of wanting more we make an effort to become more.

If we took all the money people are going to spend on new NFL jersey's this year with the new up and coming super stars we might have been able to get the space shuttle off the ground on time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I ran into a question someone was possing on Facebook and it was, "What do you do to make your presentations memorable?"   I would have to say the my subscription to Success Magazine has made my presentation skill go through the roof.  Knowing the stories of other super achievers and being able to relate their stories to the audience is the formula to captivating them and to get them to internalize what you are trying to convey to them.  I have also seen a steady diet of Success Magazine do the same for others.  I have seen it take a team member of mine from never wanting to speak in front of a room, to him speaking in front of 25,000 people.  I don't know if the common readers of Success or the public in general really grasp how powerful listening to the audio CD can be in there "idle" time, like working out with head phones on or driving in the car.  If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best.  Of coarse if you want more you need to become more - Jim Rohn -   I have found no better way in my own personal experience then to listen to the best of the best that Darren puts together every month on the CD inside Success Magazine.  Remember Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.  Make a habit of listening to something that will get you where you want to go, and do it today.

Ian Kirk