Monday, June 13, 2011

Women VS Men Who is BETTER?

What I have found is that men are like a square on a waffle and women are like the syrup.   My perspective comes from the side of working in partnership with people not as a boss or an employee.  I am completely unemployable, for many reasons, and I have never had a "JOB."  If you want to know the toughest boss to work for all you have to do is look in the mirror and you will see them.  You, of coarse are your own worse boss simply because you are, for the most part, too easy on yourself and allow yourself to get away with things you would never allow an employee to get away with at all.

Ok now that we have got that out of the way lets digress back to men are like a waffle squares and women are like syrup.  I think that makes gay co-workers the butter but that's a whole different very slippery topic and we need to say focused.   Ok, you are going to love this and it is going to make so much sense  after you read it you are going to want to jump through the screen into cyber space and find me to give me a big hug and kiss (or a pat on the butt depending on your gender or weather or not you like butter or not).  This is going to be enlightening insight, so pay attention.

MEN are like waffle squares because they are only good at doing one thing at a time and they can get overloaded very quickly.  WOMEN on the other hand are like syrup, because they can definitely sweeten things up but if you pour too much on it can get down right messy.  They can multi-task all over the place while staying on task and organized, getting all the squares to hold the highest amount syrup.  Keep in mind one must always be careful when applying syrup because it is aways easy to get carried away because who doesn't like nice hot warm syrup.    Well I will tell you who doesn't like that much syrup, your stomach and the waffle.  See eventually you will end up putting too much syrup on the plate and it will eventually give you one big soggy cold mess.

See the moral of the story is we all have specific things we are programmed to be good at by nature.  Give MEN one task at a time and don't overwhelm them.  Give women the freedom to multi-task and don't box them in.  Be careful not to pour to much on their plate, because it is never obvious that they are full, like it is with MEN as waffle squares.  You know when dealing with syrup, it is easy to make it even better with a little encouragement.  That's like putting the syrup in the microwave.  CAUTION the syrup needs to be allowed to release some steam here for its own good, and this steam could be misdirected and steam can burn you, but don't worry because the syrup can't control where the steam goes.  Now leaving the cap sealed will cause problems, big problems so don't be scared of getting burned by a little misdirected steam.  You see once it gets too hot the pressure will make it blow up and then you have ruined a perfectly good microwave just because you where scared to get a little steam burn.

Alright so lets remember the best waffles are made from scratch with big deep waffle squares and don't come prepackaged and frozen.  Ley-go-My-Ego?  You can have that cookie cutter, no square depth have-in, cold, stale, made for a toaster, dime a dozen waffle all to yourself, cause I would not be caught dead with one on my plate.  Yes it does take longer to make them from scratch, and hell you might burn a few, but I have got to tell you it is well worth it.  WARNING!!!! DON'T let me ever catch you buying the cheap fake syrup. Only, and I mean only, get the real maple syrup that comes in a nice glass container.  Yes it does cost more but all that other stuff is bad for you, and will end up giving you cancer or maybe some other disease that is even worse.  When looking for syrup size does not matter but Bigger is not always better, see above about dosage amounts.

IaN KirK

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