Its ENSANE to think that you are going to go to school get good grades and get a good job.  Its time to change the paradigm and choose a different path.  For us to have more we must become more.  What does it mean to own your own life?  I think that after to take away all the time working, commuting, and sleeping most people are only left with 1-2 hours to do what they would like to do, but then the question is will they have enough money to do what it is that they want to do?
Here is a DARE, look up how many college graduates work 40 hours a week for 40 years and see what their average economic status is today.  You can call it how you see it and it looks like you will spend the best years of your life making someone else rich, paying your taxes first, your mortgage second, cars and liabilities third, credit cards and other expenses forth, and never having enough to save or invest to get out of the cycle.  Sound like ENSANITY to me.
What about owning your life, and picking where, when, and what you do for monetary compensation.  Notice I didn't say what you do for "work."  What about mini retirements, and enjoying the years of your life when you body and mind are the most capable?  There are systems out there to live free, but you have to be willing to unlearn everything you have learned, and begin to play by a whole different set of rules.

Venture Capital Investment

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