Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Have you ever have one of those dreams that re-prioritizes you life?  I mean one that rocks you to the point you wake up and hope that it was just a dream.  Or maybe, like my mom you "get a feeling" however I think men are immune to this experience because I personally have no idea what she is talking about, even though nine times out of ten she is right about her "feeling."  Sometimes people have a near death experience and it shows them that their prioritizes are not in line with their perceived life purpose, or it redefines it for them entirely.

Maybe you have seen it maybe you haven't but a movie came out a while back called, "Bucket List."  It was all about how would you live you life differently if you knew you only had a short time to live.  How would you treat those around you different, or would you change at all?  Where would you go what would you do that you have been putting off.  See I believe that most of the population is, "Waiting to arrive," instead of "Enjoying the journey."  Think about that for a second, and really ponder it in your own life.  Are we living & working for the end of the journey to arrive, or are we enjoying the process and involving others in our growth process. Do we look at obstacles & detours as added adventure & opportunity to experience all life has to offer, or as things we complain about to our companions.

This is why I have always loved to do things that scare me.  Lets take skydiving for example, it definatly re-prioritizes everything for you in a mater of a few seconds.  Come to think of it I have never met a skydiver that takes themselves too seriously.  Most of them enjoy all of life's experiences to the fullest, weather the situation is gummy or bright.  Take for example Patrick Henry Hughes who was faced with every physical obstetrical someone could face in life yet he and his father choose to focus on his talents and to show the world how to be a champion.


  1. "Things" are only obstacles if you allow them to be, I see them as opportunites to grow new perspectives to help yourself,family and those you meet. Funny how my children say to me "..Hey ! how did you know that Mom?" Life is learning,growing,teaching living outside the box, only to find another box to open and explore ....


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