Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Surrounded By Drama Queens

Now one of the reasons I've made the choice to focus more on my blog and less on social media is because my blog is just me, my thoughts, my beliefs and my audience, if I even have one, would have to seek me out and if they don't like what the read, or see, tough shit, your the one that clicked on it.

Why I can't stand FACEBOOK. 
This social network has become the worlds worst "Reality" Show.  I have very few friends that I enjoy seeing their posts, and I probably have even fewer who enjoy mine.  I've noticed that if it revolves around DRAMA, you will get a lot of likes and a ton of comments.  However if you post something amazing, inspiring, or beautiful maybe one or two friends will comment. Now I don't know if that is the platforms fault for bring the worst out in people by using an algorithm to choose which posts should appear on your News Feed, or if it's just the quality of mindset that makes up my friend list.  I'm going to say it's the platforms algorithm.  Just because my friend LIKED something does not mean its "NEWS" to me, and if they commented on something I don't need to see it in my stream.

On this "Reality" FB Show people get sucked into this whole spiral of "Look at my Awesome Life" - wait I should have hash tagged that #LoveMyLife or #MyLifeIsAwesome or my favorite #LookAtMeMyLifeIsSoMuchBetterThenYours. Now I've been accused at getting caught up in this whole spirial, and I'll admit I've posted some fun stuff or pretty places but I don't think I hash tagged any. 
Your also going to have someone who keeps taking pictures of what they are eating all the time.  Someone else who is always out drinking, CHEERS! :-x Another one who doesn't understand that what happens in Vegas or Cabo does not have to be documented what-so-ever, and shouldn't be uploaded.  Who doesn't have a #SELFIE friend?  Every picture is a selfie, my question is if you have soooooo many friends why are there sooooooo many selfies.  Another friend who only posts quotes from other people. Your MLM friend that only post pictures of events, products, and all the successful people with which they are working.  The shameless realtor who has not figured out they need to have a FB Page for their business. The constant business promoter. The one we all hate is the one that is inviting you to play some mind drain game that if you start playing it will be harder to kick then heroin. 

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  1. BAHHH!!! Nice.. I hope I am ONE of the few you are speaking of above!!


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