Monday, July 7, 2014

Retirement Lifestyle Choice #2

What are you working so hard for in life.  Most of society spends the majority of their day away from the people they love, dealing with people they can barely stand, to get numbers put into a commuter somewhere, or to get a piece of paper after 14 days with numbers on it, so that at the end of the month they can give those numbers to someone else they already owe them to.

Sound familiar?  It should!  That's your life and your parents, school teachers, councilors, and television  convinced you to follow that plan for the best years of your life so you can eventually retire.  So think about that for a second. When you retire you will be 65+.  That means you worked and where away from the things you love and the people you love a minimum of 75% of your life.  Now ask anyone this question and I would hope you would get the same answer.  "If you could do whatever your heart desired or your mind thought up because you didn't have to work for money, meaning you could follow your true calling, your true passion, would you want that to happen at 65 or 25?"

Now the question is, "Why not live Free for part of the best years of you life, and go back to work in your golden years after your 65+?

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