Monday, July 7, 2014

Lifestyle Choices #1

So I'm getting on a plane and going to Hawaii.  Now I'm a big people watcher, so I can't help noticing a certain group which appears to be the Grandparents taking 4 kids from 7 to 14 on a trip to Hawaii. Grandpa has his Fadora hat on and is passing out the boarding passes.  Now I notice things I that most people don't, simply because I don't live in the white picket fence world with 2.5 kids and a wife. I couldn't imagine having to organize a trip for 4 kids, a wife and myself.  First thing that goes through my head is, "Man that looks expensive."  Second thought happens as soon as the one that appears to be 13 complains about what seat they got and how long the flight is going to be without WiFi.  Third thought is "Where do you think their parents are, and why are they not going?"  Fourth thought, "I wounder if they would have more fun without the kids."  Now as I'm writing this when I thought the fourth thought I was thinking of the grandparents, but now I realize the parents might have just pawned off the kids on the grandparents to get some alone couple time.  Man alone time can get pricy with kids, especially if you have to send them to Hawaii. 

Somewhere somehow someone convinced someone else to start a family, and I'm sure those in that lifestyle would never say if they could do it all over again the would make a different choice.  However I'm sure they wounder what it would be like to be footloose and fancy free without a care in the world.  I think what sucks people into the "normal" lifestyle of the wife and the kids and the white picket fence the mini van, with Saturdays and Sundays off with 10 total vacation (FREE) days is social conditioning and fear.  I say fear because people are inherently afraid of being alone.  Of coarse you would have to be blind or in a deep MATRIX sleep not to see that your being socially conditioned from birth to comply with a social (family) structure that essentially makes you a slave to what you created.  From handing a baby girl her first doll, to giving a boy his first toy truck, they all have a phycological impact and start the programming to make you easier to control and manage later in life. 

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