Monday, March 3, 2014

What Do You Do? What Are You Doing?

Things I Do

Well let's see, I Travel to see new places and experience different cultures to broaden my perspectives, I Snowboard, Snow Ski, Wakeboard, Kite Board, Paddle Board, Kayak, Surf, Mt. Bike, Dirt Bike, Ride Harley's, Race Cars, Skydive, Base Jump, Rock Climb, Paraglide, Speed Wing, Proximity Fly, Squirrel Suit, and I love walks on the beach to watch sunsets or sunrises, sometime I just feel like dancing, and other times I just want to be still and meditate with Graditude in my Heart and thankfulness running through my mind.  


  1. but how do you fund these activity's ?

  2. He's a gigalo didn't you know

  3. I had heard roomers and had my suspicions :)


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