Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Who Sold You on Your Lifestyle

It's become very apparent to me the in talking to so many different people that they all have very different belief systems. Now I'm not talking about spiritual beliefs or religion, I'm talking about the belief systems that create their reality.  People often ask me how I live a certain lifestyle, how do you travel so much, or all it looks like you do is have FUN, or I what I do for a living which allows you so much free time.  I'm sure what they mean is what do I do for monetary compensation, because in my humble opinion trading my limited time in this experience for numbers in an account or pieces of paper, is the opposite of "doing for a Living". I've always made a contribution by helping people confront there limiting beliefs, and for some reason in the system we live in those numbers appear in accounts with my corporate name on them (YOUR NAME ALL CAPS) which gives me access to trade those numbers and paper for goods and services.  Now I say it that way not to confuse you but to simply point out how bull shit the system you bought into works. I'm not trying to wake you up from the "MATRIX DREAM" you might be living, just maybe nug you a little so you stop snoring (bitching) so loud.

I think over the next few blog post I explore some of these nuances and offer up some of my perspectives on certain topics that get you voluntarily farther away from the life you want and closer to the drone slave your becoming.

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