Sunday, December 22, 2013

I See Crazy People

So I love living in beautiful places and having friends come visit.  I am also extremely luck to be able to reserve Condos or Villas to make sure they get to stay in 4-5 star accommodations.  Sometimes things  can go sideways with plans. Mostly because of unforeseen complications in other peoples lives. Most recently I experience this in a way I never have before so I thought I would post it to try to understand what the hell happend.
So you know the background I posted a video on YouTube of me getting my hair cut for the first time in a year and a certain Facebook friend asked me out to dinner with my new look publicly in the comments.
Well one of my best friends told me if I didn't take her up on it he would no longer be my friend. His friendship means the world to me and even though I knew he was bluffing I put things into motion to make this dinner happen.
So after a few private messages on Facebook I find out she would really like to come to Tahoe.  One of the Villas came available over a weekend so I reserved it right away and sent a message that it was available and that it would be a great time to come visit. After talking on the phone twice we confirm on meeting up in Tahoe.  

Here's what happend next.....

Remember I don't have a cell phone so I only can get messages from WiFi spots so I don't get messages every second of my life. For me I check them once a day. It's an experiment I am doing for a year to see if it keeps me more present with my friends who are around me.  I'm 3 months in so far and loving it......  And she knew this!!!!  Please judge me just like she did. 

Later that day I receive this:

I have not taken down any pictures so please go on my Facebook and let me know which ones I should take down if I am serious about wanting to date someone.  Or comment below. 

Now the conversation moves to Facebook........

I don't understand why an apology is needed, can someone please enlighten me?


  1. That could have been a conversation between me and my ex-girlfriend!

  2. WOW.....we all run into people that are not comfortable with themselves and don't own who they are. Judgment is a loss in every way and you captured that aspect well several times during the exchange. She WAS arguing with herself and to be would have been a difficult time for you both if you had made it are being gracious and that is always a good thing. managed to keep the judgment out of your side of things which says so much about you. FB is fun and it gives us so much wisdom about life and dealing with people who are not approving.....even as someone who knows you well, I've had to think twice about things you put up on FB but in the end.....I'm chuckling and's detached and having lots of fun. I am so happy for you Ian.....and nothing counts except our own evolution. You would be the first person to say surround yourself with the right people. No need to do anything about FB....if that's a problem for don't need them in your life - because they would never understand in a million years....cuz they are not THERE yet. I've enjoyed your journey! Your friend - Jeanean

  3. So I went through each and every picture you have up. 95% of the young ladies in the photo OUR family! They may not be blood but they are a part of OUR family. There is one who is not but there from 2012 people which is old news and we don't live in the past! Trust me I am the sister and I tell it how it is! I questions everything my brother does and tell him when he is wrong. Kick it to the curb and move on she is not worth it! I have seen and know better.

  4. I have known Rebekah since just after she graduated high school. I feel sorry for you Ian. It's obvious you plenty of attractive women, but Rebekah is special. I don't have to comment on her looks, but more importantly, she is an intelligent, driven, successful and amazingly fun woman!

    The problem is that, like quality people, she is sensitive. She cares about other people and it is important to her that the people she is close to care about her too.

    All you had to do was explain why you had not gotten back to her. Her initial response was what one would expect from someone who cared about what you thought about her. It is obvious she was feeling a little trepidatious about possibly taking the relationship to the next level. When a girl is interested in you and texts you and you do not text her back she is going to feel like you are not interested in her the way she thought you were.

    If she was only looking for a casual encounter with a hot guy, she would not have given a damn whether you texted her back. But that was not the case. It's obvious she cared about you Ian! In that respect, she was crazy. You clearly are not capable of or just don't care to have a relationship on that level.


    1. Thanks for the feedback bud. Please keep this anonymous. The blue bubbles above are from someone I have met once or twice and talk on the phone with twice to for fill a request to visit Tahoe. Thank God I never invited them to my house and I rented a condo for them to stay in...

  5. Thank you for not texting her back right away! I am glad you are working and enjoying life. Not everyone has a phone and can use it 24/7.

    1. The world might be a better place if none of us where available 24/7


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